Traveling is meant to speed your heart, see old landscapes in a new light, and ensure you have memories to last a lifetime. It’s more than just coveted bragging rights. Travelers set out on the adventure path, and so do some in style.

For some it may be trekking in the Bolivian Amazon rainforest, while for others it could be a trip aboard a boat headed for the Galapagos or rafting on the Mekong River in Asia. We take you to some off-network destinations, allow you to explore indigenous cultures, and allow you to increase your adrenaline levels with trekking, heli-skiing, sledding, skydiving, horseback riding or walking safaris, diving, bungee jumping, and sailing to list a few. You can combine adrenaline with a luxurious and super quiet stay to rest aching muscles.

At Experiential Travel we will engage with you to understand your interests, the level of difficulty in your adventure and commitment, before starting to design a truly customized travel trip for you.

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 If nature is your thrill, then Zambia should be your destination. Try the walking safari organized by Robin Pope Safaris. You spend five of these nights moving around in the northernmost reaches of southern Luangwa, bordering the Mupamadzi River. The camp moves according to the movements of the game and the densities in each particular area. Views of the lion, leopard, elephant, wildebeest, and large herds of buffalo are more than likely.

One of our favorite trips is the horseback safari in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Hear the hyena’s calls as she crosses the plains, sometimes with giraffes in company. The camps are temporary here depending on the water levels.


Patagonia will give you goosebumps with its glacial lakes and wild peaks. This unforgettable journey will take you to Torres del Paine National Park, from where you will walk through a native Nothofagus forest that leads to the spectacular base of the towers. You will nimbly pass a suspension bridge over the Pingo River and arrive at the Gray Lake beach and see the electric blue icebergs that have detached from Glacier Gray, a 6 kilometer wide wall of ice.


Enter Bhutan for a different type of adventure. Paro is where you gently exercise your legs. Walk to the Tiger’s Nest, the cliff-bound monastery and one of Bhutan’s most important icons. Drive through Punakha for unforgettable views of the Himalayas and end with the Semtengang trek at low altitude. It takes you through farmland, rhododendron forests, and rice terraces.


To stun in silence, New Zealand should be your choice. Let yourself be pampered with the views of a protected glacial valley located on the shores of Lake Wanaka. This high rural station is nestled between mountain peaks, bush grass, and native bushes on the slopes with wild deer and chamois climbing the surrounding slopes. Spend your days diving for lobster, fishing for blue cod, and exploring the desert in true Kiwi style. Gather your own food, which will then cook your way. It could also include helicopter flights and helicopter hunting, if you wish.


For adrenaline, take classic Europe and make it extraordinary in Swedish Lapland. Stay in a tent safari camp on the edge of a frozen lake. It offers the front seats to see the Northern Lights and the food served here will be the highlight. Your plate will include smoked reindeer, fried lichens, and delicious puddings.

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